Lowell’s Current Election System


The City’s current election system is an “at-large” system in which each voter has as many votes as there are candidates (nine), and all votes are tallied equally. It is “at-large” because each of the nine councilors and six school committee members is elected by the City as a whole, as opposed to being elected by districts or wards. “At-large” is sometimes known as “City-wide.”

The proposed new systems, as will be explained, modify different aspects of the current system. Some of the new systems change the “at-large” component of the current system, by including district-based representation. One of the proposed new systems is still at-large, but it changes the part of the current system according to which each voter gets to have 9 (City Council) or 6 (School Committee) equally weighted votes. The proposed new systems are explained in greater detail here.